Blood Is Thicker Than Water Essay

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A traditional proverb that has been recited in familial circles to reinforce the ties of kin has been “blood is thicker than water,” saying that no one will love and stand by another in the same way family would. Family is indispensable, family is forever, family is unconditional love. In recent years, this proverb has been modified, its etymology unconfirmed, but it says instead that the “blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” This is to say that the “water of the womb,” which implies biological ties, is not as strong as ties of a covenant, those one chose to surround themselves with, as opposed to who they were born with. This revised version would dictate that blood relationships, such as those with parents and siblings, is not necessarily one’s strongest relationship, that instead the relationships one choses to create with those of non-blood relations could be, in fact, stronger.
Now, let us step out of the world of metaphors and proverbs, and consider the world today, and how this concept has very real implications for many individuals. Blood ties are not necessarily weak, but it is indisputable that sometimes blood ties falter, and under pressure, they wither, leaving genetics as the only source of connection between “family” members as all other points of connection dissipate. Unconditional love is not always so unconditional. This could occur for a number of reasons. Among many is marginalization of an individual from family for…

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