Essay Blood Donation Speech

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Topic: Donate Blood.
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to donate blood regularly.
Visual Aid: PowerPoint / Blood Donation Advertisement.

I. Attention Step:
A. Attention Getter: Are you at least 17 year old? Do you weight more than 50kg? Do you fairly healthy? If your answer is yes, you should donate blood every two months. According to the report in Arab Times newspaper Kuwait is in need of 250 blood donors every day, and the demand is likely grow to 400 in the next five years.
B. ID of Opposition/Fair Hearing: I know some of you may hate the thought of needles or think that giving blood won’t really help. But, please consider what I say and make a better informed decision after hearing the benefits I
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This has shown to reduce heart disease.
D. Burns Calories: One time blood donation helps you shed 650 Kcal. This can aid you in your body weight control measures. However, blood can be donated safely once in two or three months and not more frequently.
E. Reduces the Risk of Cancer: High levels of iron have been implicated in cancer. Theoretically, donating blood frequently will reduce the risk of cancers. More research is going on to find strong evidence on this one.

TRANSITION: Now that we know the benefits, let’s move on to the process for giving blood. III. Process for donating blood:
A. I want you to donate blood and to understand the process of giving blood.
B. The Blood Bank in Jabriya has outlined the simple process of donating blood and I would like to share that information with you.
C. First you must be found eligible to donate blood.
1. You must be at least 17 year’s old, weigh at least 50 kg, and be in good health.
2. Anyone who feels that their blood is at "high risk" for contracting certain diseases should not donate.
D. If you think you could be eligible to donate, visit the any blood bank branch available in your area of living.
1. Here you will answer a list of questions relating to your medical history.
2. If you pass the medical history test and if your iron level, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse are at appropriate levels you may donate blood.
3. A blood technician will clean your skin around the veins in your arm and then

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