Blood Diamond Conflict Essay

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Blood Diamond or Conflict Diamond other term used to describe the illegal trade of diamond in Africa. The Blood Diamond is been used to finance conflicts, wars and humans rights violations.
The Conflict exists for many years, profits have been made from the illegal trade of diamonds, and Rebels and warlords use the diamonds to buy arms. There are many countries involved in the illicit trading the blood diamond, Sierra Leone, Republic of Congo, Liberia, and Angola.
This assignment is about the conflict of Blood Diamond, the history and the issues, who suffers with the conflict and what is being doing to end the conflict.

History of Blood Diamond
The first diamond was found the late 1800s in South Africa
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To cover the war rebels is committing crimes against the humanity, murders, mutilation, rape, and refugees and crimes against human rights over all those years.
Between 1991 and 1999 more than 500.000 of Sierra Leone population became refugees, half of the population was displaced around 2 million people. The illegal diamond trade caused the Sierra Leone economy to missed out millions of dollars.
Girls and women are been raped, and still continue in north and east of the Sierra Leone in some areas that still controlled by the rebels.
The tool used by the RUF was a brutal tactic of war by terrorizing the civil population by breaking apart families and communities. Thousands of women were raped, abducted and taken to the bush, making them travel with rebels, making them sex slaves, many times by a gang beaten, tortured, made them walk long distances carrying heavy stuff, and threaten to kill them in case they try to escape.
Rebels also transmitted sexual infections for women 's and girls include HIV/AIDS, traumatic stress disorder, gynecological problems, and also some women get pregnant and as a single mother, they called the babies as Rebel
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Those atrocities need some immediate action; enough lives have been taken or ruined, over a valueless piece of carbon.


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