Blogging and Online Publishing Essay

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Blogging and Online Publishing
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Abstract An age of new information and digital technologies brought in our life many new and useful things. Appearance of new mediums such as TV, video games, the Internet was an impulse for cultural, economic and social development. In our daily life we cannot dispense with these things and it is hard to imagine that nearly 50 years ago all these technologies were only a dream. In this course paper I will try to find out why new mediums became so popular and whether old mediums will yield to new mediums.

Keywords: new medium, old medium, Internet, video games, TV
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The best evidence of this fact is the statistics: in 1999, there were only twenty-three blogs, and in 2006, there were fifty millions. The earliest and the most popular blogs were political blogs. Blogs became such popular because many interesting details, which were not noticed in the newspapers and magazines, were written on the blogs. During the year blog’s popularity increased, daily and music news were written on the blogs with many details, it was interesting for people. In addition, bloggers made comments about different news on the blogs. Blogging platforms developed very quickly, and in 2001 was released Version 1 of Movable Type. In 2003 the Word Press was created. In 2001, on base of Movable Type was created TypePad. The first audio blogger also was created in 2003 and the first video blogger was created in 2004. AdSense was the first advertising platform. In 2003, the developers of AdSense combined ads to the content of the blog. It was a break in blogging. With the help of AdSense people could make money without any huge platforms. (Basen, 2009) In 2007, developers created microblogs and tumblogs. The famous Twitter is a microblog. With its help people share their thoughts with other people. Most of politicians, pop-stars have blogs where they write main events of their daily life. (Chapman, 2011) Over ten years ago the first online publishing was made. It was made when people started putting text

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