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A Blogger in Their Midst

Lancaster-Webb Medical Supply is a manufacturer of disposable gloves and other medical products. Will Somerset, the CEO, is preparing to give a big speech introducing a remarkable nitrile glove for his company at an Industry conference. He notices that his crowd is considerably smaller when usual then finds out he was upstaged by Glove Girl. Unfortunately for Mr. Somerset Glove Girl is a blogger and a popular one at that for medical products similar to those that Lancaster-Webb produces. That is because Glove Girl is the assistant foreman at the Compton plant of Lancaster-Webb’s surgical gloves unit.
From the article we know Glove Girl has blogged about * The pending launch of the nitrile
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It is easy to find and read many reviews that customers have on a product whether from a blog or other online source.

* Companies- Before social media marketing it was near impossible for companies to know and control what is being said about their products. Now companies can promote and monitor these discussions between customers. “Mediate conversations by responding to criticism professionally and promoting your biggest brand ambassadors. Take back the control, take back your marketing messages, and take back your brand” (Stone). Companies should follow social media sites and bloggers to get a better understanding on their targeted demographic.

* Complications- Unfortunately social media can negatively affect a company or person with the controversy of a misguided post. Ken Goldstein, of Chubb Group Insurance Companies, was quoted saying, “Just because it's informal and quick doesn't mean you can't get yourself into significant trouble” (Evangelista). It would seem like common sense that people would think before posting but social media is quick and informative.

Conclusion and Recommendations
Lancaster-Webb needs to embrace Glove Girl as a blogger, not as a assistant foreman but they have to add control/regulation. They cannot afford to lose glove girl because she has already established connections and is a forerunner in the social media market.
If the Medical Supply company

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