Block Scheduling Advantages

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Block scheduling is more beneficial to students’ education. It gives the students more time to understand the material that is given, improves grades, as well as reduces disciplinary actions. As with everything some down falls, such as student’s attention span is less and problem with standardize testing. After dealing with block scheduling for a few years you will understand the concept and what works for your school better.
With block scheduling you, have 85 to 90 minutes of class each day for a one semester. By having longer classes, a day, you have more time to do your homework in class. You can also ask your teacher for help if you do not understand the lesson. It gives the students the opportunity to fully understand the subject,
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In science, class labs play a key role on the hands on learning of students. A 45-mintue class is not efficient to complete a major or even a minor lab. As you can see the 90 minute period would be highly beneficial to the hands on activities for students.
Many schools have had great success using block scheduling. Tolland High school had great success with block scheduling. Dr. Sajerki says “Just after years the state testing began to improve.” There students graduate with more credits than they would have with the seven or eight period a day. There honor roll increased a great amount and stayed up. Best of all there less discipline referrals were given.
The discipline rates decreases when using block scheduling. It is harder for students to get into fights when you are only in the hallway five times a day, four in-between classes and once whenever you are going home. With six to seven minutes in-between classes you do not have time to pick a fight. In addition, many students like that you are only with your peers and teacher for half a year. Students do not misbehave in class as much, since they only have to have it for half the
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They have 80 minutes classes allowing them to have an activity time before or after lunch. To meet up with clubs, music sectionals, talk to teachers or guidance, or go to the gym or media center. Principal Daryl says “It helps the students and teachers our by only having four class to prepare for.” Which is very true, is absolutely decreases the stress levels of students and teachers.

With many of the schools, I have mentioned they all have had great success with block scheduling. Increasing test scores, honor roll increasing; also the decreased disincline referrals filled out. Many things to help benefit a student education. In addition, to get them better prepared for the work force. As you can see from the information giving to you by this research paper, block scheduling has far more advantages than disadvantages. Block scheduling has work for many schools for years, such as Tolland High School. The fact that block scheduling is more beneficial to the learning environment through these ways, higher GPA and attendees less disincline referrals, also better understanding of the material. This research paper does not include all advantages to block scheduling, because there are never-ending

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