Black Robe And African American History Essay

1083 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
Black Robe gave its audience a depiction of early colonial times when missionary work was a prominent goal in colonization. Upon first contact, the Native Americans were an essential resource for survival. As the years came the Native Americans became major trading partners with colonists, at least until their resources ran out. Over the duration of these relations each tribe reached a point of dependency on European goods. Black Robe provided us with an understanding of how misunderstands throughout history shaped the past of North America, along with an understanding of the Native Americans’ dynamic introduction into a global economy made them inferior and later a mere annoyance in the eyes of colonizers. Notably, many of the themes exemplified in Black Robe were transferable and consistently employed in our class. The themes present progressed into massive confusion and ultimately led to an American land grab and the mass assimilation of Native Americans down the road, resulting in a successful colonization of North America. The movie Black Robe provided its audience with multiple applications which helped to explain Native American history through the lens of a series of mutual misunderstandings. Black Robe made a solid attempt at exemplifying Christian Assimilation towns and the motivations of early missionaries. Confusion was shown amongst Native American worshipers at ceremonies through the myth of “Captain Clock”. The Native Americans while at Christian worship…

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