Essay about Black Power And The Civil Rights Movement

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Black Power is a powerful movement in support of rights for black people, it was especially prominent in the US in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies. The extent at which Black Power impacted the civil rights protest movement is debatable when compared to other campaigns.
One argument for Black Power having more impact on the civil rights protest movement than the more non violent movements was the expectation of non violent figures such as Martin Luther King. In source 1 King underestimated how long the Montgomery Bus Boycott would last. Martin Luther King was under the assumption that the white authorities and public would be more compassionate. He expected white people to change their views and treat black Americans as human beings. The boycotting of the buses meant that the transit companies lost eighty percent of their fares. Still, boycott participants were attacked and 156 more were arrested. The sad truth was that the common white person had no interest in helping or even respecting civil rights. By no fault of his own, King was from a fortunate background and it is possible that he hadn 't faced racial discrimination to a high as extent as poorer black Americans. This is where Black Power proved more effective, many key figures of the Black Power movement had lived in an disadvantageous environment and knew in more detail how the majority of white citizens acted. Arguably, the only thing white Americans responded to was violence. The duration of the bus…

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