Black People And White People Essay

1627 Words Feb 12th, 2016 7 Pages
Although the gap between black people and white people has gotten smaller, it still exists in the United States. Slavery and that time period was the initial cause for the divide, but equality has never truly been established. Many white people still think of themselves as superior, even if unconsciously. Americans, black and white, can never actually come together and move on from the past if the present is not fair either. For white people, it is hard to understand the struggle a black person goes through every day. Black people deal with racism, stereotypes, and the constant reminder of past enslavement based on their skin color. African American men, African American adolescents, and drug dealing are thought to go hand in hand in today’s society. People “living the street life” are thought of as being low-down, heartless, and black. However, not all of them are colored, and a lot of individuals running the streets were never taught any different or given the option of an alternate lifestyle. Normally, society gives up on people who are at the bottom, and they have to find their own way to be successful. Dealing drugs makes good money, and that is always an option living on the streets. Sometimes, that is the only option for adolescents who had to start young providing for brothers, sisters, and a single mother with nowhere else to go. Enslavement of African Americans caused a lot of scars and fallacies that were never really handled: “slavery seems to be the wound…

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