Black Lives Matter : Why We Fight Essay

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Black Lives Matter: Why We Fight The Black Lives Matter movement is something discussed about by a diverse array of people. Some people talk about why it even should matter at this point in time and history, as African Americans are not completely at loss as they were only around 60 years ago. Other people rightfully argue that even to this day, African Americans (and other people of other races) do not get the same treatment as they would if they were Caucasian, such as in the face of police brutality and more. With all these arguments, a plethora of people are still saying that it should not exist or creating counter protests to demean the movement, though it should be still seen as necessary. Many people do not realize that the movement was created to stop a long standing fight in past, present, and even future society. The Black Lives Matter movement is the result of all the fatalities and injuries of all aspects toward the injustices of African Americans, and therefore is viable alternative to seek justice. It shows the injustice of African Americans (and other small groups and subgroups) in today’s society and helps raise awareness of the problems still haunting the modern American, especially African Americans and other minor subgroups. The systemic oppression is real, and to deny or defend it is as worse as pretending it never truly happened. Police brutality is a real problem that daunts every person, most especially African Americans. With the…

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