Black Lives Matter Is An Important Movement For The Black Community

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In the last few years one of the most prominent topics in the news has been police brutality. Unfortunately, a direct result of this brutality is the killings of many innocent black people. Through this, organizations like Black Lives Matter have been created to help bring attention to this topic. Black Lives Matter is an important movement for the black community because it forces us to examine institutional racism, police brutality, the deaths of innocent black people, and general racism more closely in a society that overwhelmingly and misguidedly believes that racism ended in the 1960’s.
Let’s talk about institutionalized racism. Institutionalized racism affects people of color in every facet of their lives. Black people specifically are affected significantly by this. This issue affects black people of all ages, from school-aged black students, who make up 40% of all k-12 expulsions, to black men, who are “three times more likely to be searched at a traffic stop, and six times more likely to go jail than a white person” (Nesbit).
According to the APA, black children are 18 times more likely to be sentenced as adults than white children, (Nesbit). That is a huge gap and there is absolutely something heavily wrong on a structural level if the legal system is 18 times more willing to sentence a child as an adult based on the color of their skin. The gap gets larger when it comes to black adults accused of a crime. Not only are the juries incredibly biased with qualified…

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