Black Lives Matter Case Study

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Important Facts Surrounding the Case
People have been angry after the fatal shooting that took place in 2013 against African American teenager. Ever since that time, black lives matter social movement have been taking place. It is an international activist movement that was originated in the United States that campaigns against the continuous violation against black people. Not long ago, a protest took place at free speech area of Borchuck Plaza at ETSU campus (Svrluga, 2016). Currently, racism has risen everywhere above all expectations within the US nation.
Everyone in this life wants to live freely without facing any kind of judgment and discrimination. We are all striving to have an equal right lives no matter what color, ethnicity,
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In fact, there are social rules and regulations as well as norms and values that universities as well as other countries have established and it is against the law/rules to discriminate against any person where the university do not tolerate with those kind of actions (Mitchell, 2016). Yet, in the year of 2016, a teenager guy who is a freshman student at East Tennessee State University crashed into a silent protest of Black Lives Matter wearing a gorilla mask and giving bananas out to them. I cannot even believe that we are living in the 21st century. People with this kind of mentality should have been more educated in coexistence and knowing that it is inappropriate to make fun of people or insulting them just because their skin color is not the same as …show more content…
This guy who walked into a Black Lives Matter protest, changed his life to the worst. Students here at ETSU or in any other university should only focus on taking advantage of the opportunity on being at college and try to learn everything possible at all times instead of being involved in things that wont benefit him/her in the future. Students should not waste their time on making protests on campuses where everyone is treated equally. The most important thing to avoid such bad behaviors is to educate and behave better around children. As I mentioned before, for adults, it is hard to change their mentality, but for children you can easily teach them the right and wrong making them grow up believing it is the right action to do. At the end, we should teach ourselves and teach our children that not just Black Lives Matter, but All Lives Matter no matter what color you are, country you came from, ethnicity you have. The United States of America is the country of diversity and equal opportunities for everyone from all over the

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