Black Girls Documentary Analysis

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Noteworthy Documentaries about Black History you Need to Watch

If you enjoy learning about history then watching documentaries is perhaps one of the best ways to get to know your past. Thanks to filmmakers, you now have the option to watch history unfold and not just rely on reading text-heavy books.

While some still prefer to learn history through reading, others are more visually stimulated by documentary films. For some people, watching films help them remember details more. Here are some documentaries about the history of black people that are worth watching.

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

This documentary series is highly recognized and was awarded an Emmy which is why it comes first on our list. The series covers the progress of the African American people in the US. It also
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narrates the story and the evolution of the African American citizen. He also visits various historical places around the country and interviews African American historians. Gates also talks about the hardship and success of the black people as well as explores what it means to be a black citizen in the US today.

Dark Girls

This documentary is a must-see film, especially for America’s black women. It displays a powerful and emotional truth on what it’s like to be a black woman living in the land of the free. The filmmakers, Bill Duke and Channsin Berry spoke to a number of black women who described their daily struggles and experiences.

Their stories are raw and often have a common conclusion. They all feel that black women are not considered beautiful in America. To gain more insight on this delicate topic, the directors also interviewed people outside the black community which revealed their views about black women.

The discussions are quite emotional and helped shed some light on the biased belief that dark women are not as beautiful as white women. At the end of the film, they were able to establish and honor the black

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