Black And Black By White America 's Standards Essay

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What would be considered black in American society? Obama and people like him would be considered Black but not ‘Black ' by white America 's standards. Kamiya states that "White Americans are obviously drawn to blacks who are not "black."(Kamiya 384). This statement is offensive; his entire article is actually very offensive. Kamiya points out that a difference between black and ‘black ' exist, when there is no difference. Kamiya

should have said what he meant; which is that there is a difference between

‘proper blacks ' and ‘ghetto/ethnic blacks '. Sadly, the truth is that it does

not matter if a black person is proper or considered

ethnic, both types will have to deal with the same types of racism. One of the

main reasons that racism exists is because white people were able and are still able to turn

blacks against each other. By telling one version of blacks that they are more

acceptable than the other version of blacks, hatred against each other is

created in the black community. The United States may never be a racist free country, but the least that can

be done is avoiding self-hate in the black community. Racial identity is

important in America it helps people find themselves, helps the government

money and helps people in general. In America, racial identity is a social,

economic and political product and it helps benefit and destroy the country.

Racial identity is a social product because it helps people identify with people who

are similar. "But it…

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