Black And Africana Studies : A Critical And Systematic Study Of The African People

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There are various theories in Black or Africana Studies. An Africana study is a “critical and systematic” study of the African people. Under this consists of theories that are an explanation of facts that are acknowledged. Kawaida Philosophy is one of the main theories and it is also used as in a theoretical way and how it implies in the Africana Studies. Kawaida is a philosophy first developed by Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chair of Africana Studies at California State University, which focuses on evolving African thought and practice.
Black aesthetic can be defined in various ways. Hoyt Fuller, Larry Neal, Mari Evans, Haki Madhubuti, John Killens, Amiri Barka and many others discussed and defined the word “black aesthetic”. Neal posed Black art as the “aesthetic sister of the Black Power concept.” Journalist Hoyt Fuller commentated and discussed the Black Aesthetic for a year between September 1968- November 1969 in Negro Digest, which was then changed to Black World, and published it. This journal opened eyes of the African Americans and urged them to construct and employ an aesthetic in their own image and interest. John Killens reemphasized that culture and literature were weapons for liberation. Maulana Karenga defines Black aesthetic as a characteristic of artistic expressions and distinctive standards where Black art is acknowledged by the terms of its creativity and beauty, in addition to social relevance. Subsequently Karenga intertwined his definition of…

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