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Case #3 Bitter Girls 1. What is the image you first think of when you hear the brand name Bitter Girls? What are both the strengths and weaknesses of selecting this brand name as to the goal of empowering young girls?  When I first hear the brand name Bitter Girls I image a product that focuses around females who are unhappy, upset, need a place to vent, a way to express anger or resentment, or a product made by bitter women. I would not have assumed that the brand was supposed to be uplifting

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They started out as a blog to empower girls and then a product line of happy quotes to help girls. It turned out a darker more funny side of the company needed to come out to provide what the target market needed. The help create awareness of the products using many different tools, mostly via the internet, such as their website, social media, and tangible products like handbags, shirts, etc.
Social media, and especially in Bitter Girls case, Facebook, has provided a way for consumers to directly communication with the brand and express their questions, concerns, ideas, things they like, etc. and share their likes and preferences with their friends as well. They can comment on new quotes that the company may be developing and have conversations about the products; as well as give ideas directly to the company. With this direct form of communication, Bitter Girls can take all this information and provide what the consumer with exactly what they want.
Social media has also helped Bitter girls with their marketing strategy. The company gets free advertising whenever someone likes a post or product and all their friends can see this which potentially can bring in new customers. Also, as mentioned in the video, if someone likes the brands Facebook page they receive a free T-shirt, which is a great way to spread the company’s name and encourage consumers to become loyal fans and return to the page again.
3.  Is there a possibility of creating a
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