Birth Order And Personality Essay

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Investigation: The influence of birth order on personality
Birth order is defined as an ordinal position of a child’s birth in relation to their siblings. A firstborn is a child who is born first within the family, and a later-born is a child born after the first child. Personality is defined as a pattern of thought, feelings or behaviour that makes an individual unique.
The big 5 personality traits are five main domains or dimensions of personality used to represent human personality. The theory is based on the five factor model encompassing conscientiousness, openness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
Openness to experience is appreciation for emotion, ideas and new varieties of experiences. It reflects the
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The Effects of Birth Order on Personality Traits and Feelings of Academic Sibling Rivalry
This research was done by Julia Badger and Peter Reddy in 2009. They wished to see the influence of birth order’s effect on personality traits and sibling rivalry. The participants were Firstborns and Lastborns completing an online questionnaire on sibling rivalry and a personality test.
The results and conclusion from this research was that Lastborns felt a lot more sibling rivalry with their elder siblings, especially when they feel like they have to “Catch Up” to them. However, Firstborns are discovered to be more conscientious, and while they also felt sibling rivalry, it was at a lesser extent that that which is felt by younger siblings.
As a general summary, the research has shown significant differences between Firstborns and Lastborns in terms of birth order affecting personality and sibling rivalry, but claims more research must be done before results can be
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It was stated that the results from this research are not very encouraging of further analysis due to the negative result.
Birth Order, Family Structure and Personality Variables
This research was conducted by Edgar Howarth June 1980. The research aimed to discover any possible relationship between birth order, parenting style and personality traits such as sociability, anxiety, dominance and such. 170 female and 142 male undergraduates were tested with the Howarth Personality Questionnaire.
Results and conclusions drawn from this research would be multiple significant relationships found on specific personality traits. Anxiety was reported as lesser in younger siblings, superego (self-critical conscience, reflecting social standards accumulated and assimilated) was higher in elder siblings, and persistence was higher when not oppressed or dominated by an elder sibling in younger siblings, self-pride being higher in elder siblings.
As a general summary, it could be concluded that birth order may very well have a big influence on personality traits that are also influenced by their

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