Birth Of Necromancy Case Study

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Birth of Necromancy: The Twins
A group of necromancers had to kill a kid to initiate a successful empire. They did the sin and their rule began in this modern world.
Present Day:
“Sir Obsevious, we have received news that the son we killed has a twin.” whispered Pemtulus into the ears of Obsevious, the leader of the Masters.
“A twin? Why didn’t we find out then?”
“Sir Obsevious, I am sorry. We are sorry.”
“It has been 8 years since our alliance began, and now you tell this. You scoundrel.” Angered Obsevious.
“I am sorry, sir.”
“I always thought that you were good.”
Pemtulus bowed his head down in respect, shame and fear of Obsevious.
Obsevious continued, “But, I don’t want good.”
The leader started rotating his wrists. His supernatural
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She had one son and you people killed him.”
Obsevious was surprised by the answers of Cutunia. He thought that she was hiding something from him, but she in the first place, didn’t have answers for him.
“How did you know about a twin?” questioned Cutunia.
“My sources. And before you say anything, I trust my sources and they are credible enough.”
Cutunia gave a grim look to him and went back to the closet in the huge hall. She took a packet which contained bits of nails and hair in it. She come in front of Obsevious, took a knife, cut her wrist open, and inserted a piece of nail into the skin through the blood. Her eyes became purple with a smile on the face. Soon, the face started becoming dull. The smile was gone. Obsevious understood that something was wrong. She closed her eyes, and tapped her fingers. As she tapped them, the cut on the wrist was gone and she opened her eyes.
“There is a twin. I couldn’t see that before because her birth doesn’t relate to the righteous mate. It belongs to a stranger. This is a strange case that I have never come across my life.”
Obsevious was shocked.
“Did you say that the twin is a girl?”
“Yes. She
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“I will be. Thank you.” Smiled Sementua.
Obsevious and Sementua started travelling to the place given by Cutunia. Sementua felt a bit drowsy and went to sleep on the vehicle. Seeing this, Obsevious gave a tough look, but left her alone without disturbing.
Finally, Humponious reached the location. It was pitching dark. The neigh of the horses woke Sementua. As it was dark, she couldn’t see anything. Both of them left the chariot and started walking in the night. Obsevious could see a house, but Sementua had trouble because she had just woken up. But she could feel that she has seen that place before.
They went to that house. Obsevious tapped his fingers and the door opened. Both of them went into the house. Sementua could feel the déjà vu of being in that place, but halted on that thought. They started walking up a flight of stairs. The feeling was increasing for Sementua. They went a room and opened the door. It was not locked. Obsevious could see a little girl sleeping on the bed with a duck toy in her hand.
Suddenly, the lights lit up.
“Sementua, is that you?” asked the doubted old

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