Birth Defects : Women 's Age Essay

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In the article "Birth Defects", MedlinePlus states that most of birth defects happen in the first three months of pregnant when a baby is developing in the mother 's womb. Also, it is a physical or biochemical abnormality present at birth, but about half of all birth defects are difficult to find out the exact causes. However, if causes are known, then they can be the followings: women 's age, infection in pregnancy, and drug addiction cause a baby 's birth defect. The first cause a baby 's birth defect is women 's age. Woman who becoming pregnant after the age 32 and above has higher risk of having a birth defected baby. According to the article "Having a baby after age 35", Women 's Health Care Physicians state that since women 's egg starts to get old, too at age 32 years, fertility in women become less from the age 32 and rapidly decrease after age 37. Also, the uterine lining is not thick enough to hold a baby without an enough support from blood. However, if they pregnant after the age, according to an article "Pregnancy at 20, 30, 40", the author Laura McCarthy says older pregnant women after 30 and 40 years old, 1 in 30 of them can have an infant with Down syndrome and 1 in 21 of them can have an infant with any chromosomal abnormality. In a 49-year-old those risks rise to 1 in 11 and 1 in 8. Therefore, women 's age cause a higher risk of having a baby with birth defect. The second cause a baby 's birth defect is infection in pregnancy. The reason why pregnant…

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