Birth Control Is The Perfect Place Essay

816 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout this group project I have learned a lot about birth control that I did not know before. Being a woman in our society that has access to reproductive health information from my doctor, I never thought of birth control as hard to obtain or learn about. After researching about the different types of birth control and their histories I was able to learn that access to birth control has not always been easy. There are many types of birth controls that people do not know about or just do not consider to be “birth control.” Researching about these types of birth control allows me to have more knowledge on something that all women and men should know. The Planned Parenthood website is the perfect place to learn more information, it gives non bias information about things like birth control and abortion that educates women and men on what we need to know when being sexually active. I was happy to learn that there is a website out their that gives this type of information that basically anyone can access. The sad thing about this is that the information is available for everyone but the actual access to the birth control products is not obtainable by everyone. Birth control is something that I believe everyone should have access to. Access to the information is highly important and access to the products comes next. When I fist started this project I knew about the basic forms of birth control and where and how to get them. Something I did not know was about the hundreds…

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