Essay on Birth Control Availability Of Children

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Birth Control Availability “American teenagers become pregnant at a rate of about one a minute” (Kristof 1). Birth control availability has been a topic of controversy for many years due to the fact that there are many different people who have different viewpoints on it.Whether some of these people like or do not like the idea of distributing birth control, it is still an issue that many women are being forced to deal with. Birth control is handled differently in different places, and sometimes it is not handled at all. Some places do not even distribute birth control, adding to the issues that are occurring due to non easy access to it. Obtaining birth control is an issue that many women deal with, due to different peoples feelings towards distributing it. Forty years ago, birth control was a sensitive topic in society. Some people felt that the right thing to do was to distribute birth control, while others felt that abortion should be legalized. The people that were for birth control were interested in making contraception more effective and safer. For example, a form of birth control being used in the 1990’s caused issues such as painful insertion and removal and depression. “Advocates of reproductive control founded organizations to lobby for legal changes and to provide birth control via private and public sector clinics and organized networks” (Mankiller 2). These types of groups were created to give out birth control and make it safer to use.

Birth control was…

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