Essay about Biotic Factors That Affect The Ecosystem

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Ecology is the study of how living things and non-living interact with one another in an ecosystem. In 1869, Earnst Haeckel was the man who made the word “Ecology.” Throughout decades, the study of ecology has been rendering ecologist to be optimistic about the effect it will leave. Within the study of ecology, there are many factors, some that are limiting factors. Some normal factors would be biotic and abiotic factors. However, limiting factors range from food, water, shelter, carrying capacity, density-independent factors, and density-dependent factors. There are also flows of biological energy and biological organization within the study of ecology: level of organization, ecological pyramid, food chain, and the three cycles; water, carbon, and nitrogen. Not only do animals interact within an ecosystem, but humans as well. Humans can have a positive or negative effect. Ecology has many different key ideas, that help or harm an ecosystem.
Throughout an ecosystem, there are factors that affect the ecosystem itself. Biotic factors are the living things within an ecosystem: animals and plants. The abiotic factors are non-living things in an ecosystem: rocks, water, sunlight, etc. No matter whether they are living or non-living they interact with one another. Abiotic factors provide the necessities that biotic factors need to live, and vice-versa. Limiting factors in an environment controls a process, particularly the growth, abundance or distribution of a population of…

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