Biotechnology Plays A Vital Role Of Today 's Society Essay examples

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Biotechnology plays a vital role in today’s society. According to Webster, biotechnology is the manipulation of living organisms or their components to produce useful, usually commercial products. Biotechnologies can vary in applications and complexity, but they all have the ability to change our society and help us prepare for and meet some of the world’s most pressing challenges today. In the history of uses of biotechnology, it has been known to help provide a more reliable food source, forensics, medicine and agriculture. In this instance, the varieties of biotechnologies has improved the quality of life for human beings by meeting our needs and demands in order to survive here on planet Earth.
The use of biotechnology does a lot of great things for the advancement and fueling of our world. For example, it is known for helping to decrease the number of infectious diseases, producing foods free of allergens and toxins, and has helped change millions of lives though life-threatening conditions and everyday threats antagonizing the developing world. There are plenty of biotechnologies, but I want to specifically talk about DNA fingerprinting, which is a biotechnology that utilizes microorganisms. DNA fingerprinting is a unique technique and has helped in the advancement of our world tremendously.
DNA fingerprinting is a method of isolating and identifying variable elements within the base-pair sequence of DNA according to The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. This…

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