Biology Essay

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Evolution is the process from which all living organisms have developed from primitive life forms through changes occuring over spans of billions of years. All organisms evolved through years of changes formed by chemical and physical processes that are still taking place today.

Fish have been evolving for five hundred and thirty million years. there are about twenty two thousand different species of fish. the species of fish in the diagram is the Largemouthed Bass. The Largemouth Bass has six different types of fins. The pectoral and pelvic fins assist with steering,stopping and hovering. The dorsal and anal fins help the fish from rolling over onto its side. the caudal fin is the fin that produces most of the propulsion to move
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The kidney is very imortant part of this organisms internal system it filters liquid waste materials from the blood. It also regulates the water and salt concentrations within the fish's body, allowing it to life in either fresh water, salt water or in some cases both. Gills are the breathing apparatus of fish and are highly vascularized giving them their bright red cover. An operculum is a flexible bony cover that protects the delicate gills. water is inhaled through the mouth, passes over the gills and exhaled from beneath the operculum. though it is not the ltest daption of fish gills are the mos important adaption of them all. it allows fish to live and breathe in an enviorment that is comsposed of mostly water.
What a fish primarially eats effect the structure of the fish such as the mouths shape the larger the mouth the large the prey it can consume. This alone is evidence of adaption. As the body grows it needs to consume more food to sustain energy so as the body grows so does the mouth to consume larger prey. The bass fish is a piscivorous (meaning it eats other fish) because of that it has a short intestinal tract because it takes less time for food to be breaken down by chemical reaction and digested. over ish that are herbivorous require longer intestines becausd plant matter is usually tough and fibrous and more difficult to break down into usable components. The Pyloric Caeca is the organ with finger like projections is located near the

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