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A. Short Answer Questions

1. Discuss a specific computerized information system.

A Local Area Network is a specific computerized information system. It usually consists of clients which would be desktops or laptops connecting to servers for authentication and file management. The physical network would consist of routers and switches. Voice Communications can be part of the information system as a whole as well.

2. What are some of the systems development methodologies used by specific corporations?

The methodologies that could be used by specific corporations could be either a Centralized data processing system or a distributed data processing system. In a centralized
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Based on your research, write a 1–2 page paper describing some of the possible benefits that the company might have gained by operating globally. Also, describe challenges that the company has faced or is currently facing as a result of operating in a global society. Be sure to cite all sources. I choose United Parcel Service because it is world renowned Fortune 500 Company that started out locally as a messenger service and turned into a 400,000 employee global giant company that is still running strong today. UPS gained a worldwide prestige from operating globally. There global benefits enable them to optimally stage their entire inventory which speeds their transit and lowers transportation costs. Their products are received at the right place and on time. They can serve customers of any size to exact specifications anywhere in the world. UPS air freight is one facet of their global operation. UPS is twenty percent more productive and produces greater job growth rather than being a non exporter. Also they are nine percent more likely to stay financially solvent being global. In 2008 UPS opened a new international hub in Shanghai, China. The Shanghai location provided there operations of heavy freight and express shipments to be further expedited on a global basis. UPS Shipment Tracking Technology Globally improves their

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