Essay on Biology And Structure And Its Effects On Children

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A. Genetics/Biology (chemistry and structure)
Schizophrenia does not originate from one single gene; it takes many genetic changes and mutations to increase the chances of obtaining the disease. Those who have immediate relatives with schizophrenia or other psychiatric diseases have a greater risk of developing a mental disease. If they have a close relative with schizophrenia, then there is a 10% chance of obtaining the mental disease. If both parents carry the disease, then there’s a 40% chance the disease will be passed along. If they have a twin carrying it there a 50% chance of gaining it.
B. Environmental triggers
Environmental based triggers involve anything that is not based off of genes or genetic factors. Environmental triggers can originate from one’s social life, nutrition, substance abuse, hormonal and chemical environment, just to name a few. Basically it is looked at as environmental vs. genetics. Risk factors can come from the first trimester of a pregnancy if the mother is exposed to influenza. Other factors can come from the second and third trimester. These include low socioeconomic status, maternal deprivation from war or famine, urban birth, obstetric complications and birth in the late winter or early spring. Virtual infections before birth can come from not having proper nutrition from their mom while she is pregnant in the first six months. Taking mind-altering drugs such as LSD and methamphetamine are called psychoactive/psychotropic and can affect…

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