Essay on Biological Differences Between Sex And Gender

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Explanation The Biological Gender Theory insists that there is no difference between sex and gender; instead there is a direct influence from biological differences that affect gender behavior. Empirical evidence suggests that hormones, chromosomes and brain development in the womb have a substantial impact the gender identity of a person. Many scientists insist on theories that are influenced by other sources mainly having relating to social conditioning, but the scientists behind the Biological Gender Theory have years of substantial research that support sentiments surrounding their theories. Hormones are chemical substances secreted by glands throughout the body and carried in the bloodstream. Hormonal differences according to scientist play an integral part in determining gender. During the embryonic life stage the amount of hormones that intervene with the embryo begin the process of gender identity. Scientist began testing differences in male and female hormones by experimenting with estrogen and testosterone levels in animals. David M. Quadango found that female monkeys who were deliberately exposed to testosterone during prenatal development later engaged in more rough and tumble play than other females (Quandango, 1977). William C. Young changed the sexual behavior of both male and female rats by manipulating the amount of male and female hormones that the rats received during their early development (Young, 1966). What these great men found was that they could…

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