Biography Of Thelma Agnes Smith V. David Phillip Riley Essays

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Thelma Agnes Smith v. David Phillip Riley,

Statement of facts.

The plaintiff and defendant cohabited together for numerous years without entering into marriage or civil union. Although, there was a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship has soured resulting in the need to liquidate assets that were acquired within joint ownership. The plaintiff and defendant had both agreed previously to how the assets would be divided, this agreement was not followed therefore litigation commenced.

Case Arguments.

The plaintiff Thelma Smith, argued that their partnership would be considered a method partnership under Tennessee law although there were not married, through their relationship collected numerous assets including but not limited to joint bank account where they both contributed the retirement monies as well as Mr. Riley contributed a settlement negotiation with the Veterans Affairs for a significant amount of money totaling over $80,000. With the property that they had purchased she was seeking 50% of the value of the property, and real property as well.

The defendant, Mr. Riley did not agree with the claims were being brought forth against him. In his initial arguments, was that the contract should be voidable as a contract did not consist of the necessary consideration the contract must have in order to be validated.

The Supreme Court stated consideration of just $1 is enough consideration for any goods and valuables, however, Love and…

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