Essay on Biography Of Peter Steered His Life

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Peter steered his 2002 Honda Civic into a small parking lot behind a row of four multi-family houses perched at the top of Calvary Hill. Peter rented the second floor apartment in the smallest of the four, three-family homes. The neighborhood was run down, but the rent was cheap, and Peter had an awesome view of the town and rolling hills to the east of town from a small second floor balcony outside his bedroom. By living in the rougher end of town, Peter was able to make ends meet, and keep up with his tuition payments without having to take out any student loans. Peter retrieved his laptop bag from the backseat of the car and carried it up a narrow staircase to his apartment. He unlocked the door, and walked into the apartment. Even with the windows open and fans running all day, the apartment was still stiflingly hot and muggy. He walked through his bedroom and stepped outside onto the balcony. The summer solstice was less than a week away. The sun hovered high in the sky, dipping slowly into the horizon. A soft breeze picked up and it promised to be a cool evening. William sat on a wicker loveseat that was just small enough to fit on the balcony. He leaned over, unzipped his laptop bag and removed the computer. He had many hours of grading ahead of him, and the administration expected him to enter final grades before the end of the next day. But he was anxious to see if he had an email from his dissertation advisor. Peter had submitted a draft of his methodology…

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