Essay on Biography Of Maria Rosa Villasenor Rodriguez

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Maria Rosa Villaseñor Ramirez was born on March 5, 1957 to Rafael Villaseñor and Amelia Ramirez. She was born in an area of Guadalajara, Mexico, that was very farm-like, and the people who lived there were very humble and poor.
The reason I chose Maria, who is my grandma, is because she is a very strong, courageous, fierce woman. She went through many obstacles in her life and has been able to overcome all challenges and become an exemplary woman in our family. She has been able to surpass extremely depressing times in her life and still keep the fire in her eyes that makes her so energetic. She is truly a role model to me because she has shown me that with God and courage, anything is possible.
My grandma’s childhood was one of many obstacles. Her mother played a huge role in her very early childhood. Maria’s mother craft was pot making. She made pots and vases out of clay. One of my grandma’s only memories about her mom is from when she was two. She said that she remembers just watching her mother wash clothes on a wheel. One of the reasons this memory is so important is because it is one of the only ones she can remember from a photo. She said that she just remembers being wrapped up in a blanket watching her mother wash on a very basic washboard. She says that this is earliest memory she has and it only because of this photo that she has been able to remember.
As a child Maria remembered that she loved to play with water. Her mother would make her toy pots…

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