Biography Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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John F. Kennedy was the 2nd of 9 children, growing up in a wealthy family, his father being a self made millionaire and his mother being a religious women. John or Jack was his nickname was born May 29,1917 in brookline, Massachusetts. He went to the Navy gain a purple heart medal from saving some people when a bomb went off near a boat causing him have to swim 4 hours. and also going to harvard leading him to become more successful on becoming the 35th president and accomplish things such as the Bay of Pigs mission, Nuclear Test Treaty, bring the Berlin wall down and helping the United states grow while trying to defeat communism.
Jack went to becoming a representative in 1947 staying 3 terms. Then went to the senate. where he grew lots of attention and he was known as a young man in a hurry. In 1953 he meant a news reporter Jackie, he soon married her in 1953. There was many amusing that he was having affair. In 1960 he announced his running for office. Jack ran against richard Nixon This had a great influence on tv. During a tv debate, Richard Nixon had a knee infection making him look worse than usual. This caused him to lose some voters. While Kennedy heard about the trouble that Martin Luther King jr. was having and he helped to bail him out of jail, attracting African American crowd and gained their support. While he was gaining more voters and as the election came closer. John set new ideas for the “ New Frontier,” Using his famous quote “Ask not what your…

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