Biography Of Griffith, Pioneer Of Early Cinema. D. W. Griffith

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D.W. Griffith, Pioneer of Early Cinema
D. W. Griffith remains one of the most celebrated pioneers of the film industry. “The renowned filmmaker directed the productions of various films, most of which were focused on controversial topics in day-to-day life” (11). For instance, he explored aspects of racial and religious stereotyping and vividly participated in films outlining the ethnic polarization in America. Through him, the American film industry was able to be converted into a tool against discrimination and polarization. On stylistic dynamics, his contributions to the film industry are immense. He is argued to be the father of the language of film. Specifically, Griffith is believed to have reinvented aspects of video editing and shot composition among other things. His controversial films have filmmakers in a regular reminder of his contributions to the film industry. In this case, the contributions of Griffith to the film industry are explored.
This is one of the areas where Griffith’s influence is evident. “He revolutionized the prospect of cutting scenes from films, a feature that has been carried on into the current generation” (13). Filmmakers of his time struggled to attain seamless transitions in editing their works. On the contrary, Griffith’s revolution resulted into the realization of seamless transitions. Further, the Hollywood director contributed to the aspect of continuity and in establishment of shots. While he employed…

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