Essay on Biography Of Christopher Columbus 's First Grade Year

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Until I the beginning of my sixth grade year, I never really gave much thought to what I listened to. Never gave any thought about whether or not what people told me was correct. I’d see the news and think that 's all there was to it, whatever my elders told me was what I believed. And this applied to everything. From Music to Politics to History to Science and to Religion. I was taught like most of us, that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and made friends with the natives, that the pilgrims peacefully coexisted with the Wampanoags and the rest of the Native American Tribes. That a fat old man broke into and entered everyone 's houses one night, ate all their food, and placed gifts under a tree, because why not, and these gifts were supposedly licensed out to the big-box retail stores. That an old lady, who took a sick satisfaction in collecting discarded pieces of enamel, snuck into my bedroom, took a part of my body, and left between 25 cents to 20 bucks. Later I was told that buying humans was considered kind of illegal, but apparently buying parts, mind you is okay. I was told Shut Up was about the worst thing you could say to another human being. But At the same time I was taught that certain music, certain books, certain movies were bad for you, and I believed it, I believed it all. I didn’t listen to much music outside of what was considered popular. But I got to 6th grade, and I started a life changing experience. I listened…

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