Biography Of Bob Marley And The Wailers Essay examples

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I pick this topic because it interest me because it an interesting religion. I have friends that are Rastafarianism, I have gotten to know what their religion is like, like the food they eat and the music they listen to and how they are dressed. The topic had an effect on me because of the music portion of the religion. “Rastafarian” influences the art in Jamaica. Jamaica’s top artist, poets and writers are influenced by the Rastafarian culture. They have produced brilliant painting and magnificent wood sculptures in Jamaica vibrant visual arts community. Rastafarian had passed Reggae music to the forefront where Bob Marley had became and internationally know artist.

Reggae music took Rastafarian to the world and Rastafarian too reggae music to the world. Bob Marley and the Wailers was the vehicle to take Reggae music and Rastafarian to the world. Today the most popular symbol in Rastafarian was Bob Marley; he had died in 1981 at the age 36 with cancer. His music still lives on today. Bob Marley is known as the King of Reggae. In 1960’s there was a group known as the Wailing Rude Bwoys. The members of the band were Bob Marley, Junior Braithwaite, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston. In 1970’s they had gained popularity and then broke up.

Rastafarianism began as religion with deep political convictions it had began in the slums of Jamaica in the 1920’s and 30s. The African religious tradition has heavily influenced the culture of Rastafarianism and the biblical themes have…

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