How Did Askia Muhammad Spread Islam

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15, January,2017

Askia Muhammad Have you ever heard of “TIMBUKTU” before? It is a great learning center of the spread of Islam in Africa. It was built by Askia Muhammad which was a powerful and political ruler of Songhai. Songhai Empire was the largest and last of the three major empires in West Africa. Askia Muhammad became a powerful ruler of Songhai with his accomplishments through building an empire, trade success, and by building a learning center called “TIMBUKTU”.

Askia Muhammad was born in Futa Toore in 1443, later people called him Askia, was known as Askia the Great. Muhammad’s father was a Soninke from the Foota Toro region of Senegal but his mother was a Songhai.
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He was an important ruler because he spread their culture to the world through his great achievements and strengthened his country. He built a center of Islamic cultural called “Timbuktu” to encouraged their learning and literacy. It is very important because it considered a essential important city for the spread of Islam in Africa. He brought many scholars and teachers from different countries. Also replaced native Songhai administrators with Arab Muslims in an attempt to Islamize society, and encouraged learning and literacy. Many people from different countries came and learning about their traditional culture and communicate together. Askia Muhammad strengthened the influence of islam within the empire. He appointed Muslim judges to enforce laws. All those laws he made were based on Quran which is central religious text of Islam, also the holy book of Islam. The Quran was written in Arabic so the laws were written in Arabic too. Askia Muhammad promoted scholarship as well in Timbuktu, Songhai’s scholars learned to read and write Arabic to study the Quran. They copied old manuscript and wrote new books by themselves. Those books were mostly on topics of advanced human thought, such as biology, medicine, law, ethics, agriculture, mathematics, and astronomy. He also opened 150 religious schools, constructed mosques and brought scholars to …show more content…
Songhai empire became larger and expand toward the land. Muslim scholars flocked to Songhai to study and cultural diffusion allowed for the spread of new ideas. He made 150 islamic schools that most of the people could go there and learning stuff and communicate with people from different countries. Gold salt trade was successful and it benefits all the countries to trade things and get new ideas. He was successful to spread their culture and Askia Muhammad was a successful ruler of Songhai.

A general weakness of the Songhai empire was the absence of an orderly system of political succession. Muhammad was deposed by three of his sons in1528, when he was old and blind. His eldest son, Musa tried to kill his brothers but Muhammad was too infirm by this time to pose any threat himself because he was allowed to stay on in his Gao palace. At last Askia Muhammad was ill and he died the next year. (biography.yourdictionary) Askia Muhammad was successful in becoming one of the most powerful leaders in Songhai during the Askia dynasty. His accomplishments were very successful and helped him to take control of the land. It brought people from different countries to visit and learn about their culture. They spread their culture through trade and a learning center. Asia Muhammad’s achievements made their empire more powerful and military that other countries cannot easily attack them.

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