Biographical Criticism In The Sisters Brothers By Patrick Dewitt

The first criticism that will be used is biographical criticism for which will give our audience the background knowledge needed to fully comprehend the information presented to them in this article.
Author Patrick Dewitt writer of the novel The Sisters Brothers was born in British Columbia in 1975. Well known for his accomplishments and awards, for example, Patrick DeWitt received the Governor General 's Literary Award for Fiction, the Writers ' Trust of Canada Fiction Prize, Rogers Prize, and the Stephen Leacock Award. The Sisters Brothers is deWitt’s second novel. His first, Ablutions, came out last year. in an interview with TNB, Patrick DeWitt says
I’m fascinated by the characters in Ablutions, but I don’t know if you could say I love
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However from a formalist approach, formalist approach examines how such elements as style, structure, tone, imagery, and so on. Work together with the text’s content to shape its effects upon readers. This approach is beneficial to the readers because it enables the readers to reach a greater depth in the author’s skillful use of literary devices allowing audiences to greater appreciate the novelist’s work of literature.
Author Patrick DeWitt’s skilful use of style in his work The Sisters Brothers has greatly influenced the characters, twists and turns throughout his novels as he beautifully expresses his unique character construction thereby manipulating the classic stereotype of murderers in fictional stories and recreating them to what suits his style. for example in the article “Poetic killers: the interview with Patrick deWitt” Patrick DeWitt quotes;
"A big motivation for me in writing The Sisters Brothers was to do things you don 't normally see in the western genre. Typically, for example, the killers in a western are nearly mute, and sort of stupid, or cruel. So I made my killer protagonist a talkative, smart, poetic neurotic" (Ágnes Orzóy
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this contrast between horror and laughter for which the audience is exposed to in this story greatly impacts his audiences having made his work more enticing to the reader to engage in the events and life of the novel through the perspectives of the characters in the work The Sisters Brothers, The Sisters Brothers is written in the first person point of view from the perspective of one of the main characters Eli Sisters. The novel swings back and forth between the present and the past. this clever use of tone embraces the need for more climactic events in the plot of the story while making these changes in pace appear subtle and fluently incorporated into the work of

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