Destruction Of Our Luxuries Research Paper

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Destruction of Earth for Our Luxuries The world population is estimated to be 7,356, 829, 930 people and increases by 1 birth every 8 seconds (U.S.) With the world population increasing so fast there are bound to be negative effects on the environment, but we as humans could help minimize these negative effects by cutting back on our so called luxuries. Here are a few processes that are destroying earth are ozone depletion, biodiversity loss, chemical pollution, ocean acidification and deforestation (Chen). Ozone depletion means that the ozone in the stratosphere is wearing out causing a hole in the ozone. The ozone is a layer of oxygen that protects humans, plants and animals from harmful ultra violet rays. Without the ozone layer it wouldn’t be possible for life on earth to exist. The cause of the ozone depletion is Cholorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Halons and Freons which are gases commonly found in aerosol cans. Many electronic appliances release these gases as well. Chlorine is the common ingredient in these gases and is the main cause behind the depletion of the ozone layer. CFC’s have accounted for about 80% of ozone depletion (Causes). When these gases that contain chlorine rise, there is a chemical reaction …show more content…
Oceans require a particular level of pH to maintain the natural biochemistry needed to allow a healthy ecosystem to remain intact for the species living in the water (Solutions). Major causes of ocean acidification are high concentration of carbon dioxide, the industrial revolution, burning of fossil fuels and loss of biodiversity. The industrial revolution was a big producer of carbon dioxide and it began the steady increase of ocean acidity. That alone caused an increase of 30% in the oceans surface acidity (Ocean). Burning fossil fuels creates more carbon dioxide. The loss of biodiversity in the ocean weakens the

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