Essay on Biodiversity And Its Effects On Earth

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A long, long, long time ago, approximately 3.5-39 billion years ago the very first living organisms appeared on Earth1. During the Cambrian Period/Explosion the first true diversification occurred on Earth. Prior to this point there was still no vegetation and the oceans had yet to be oxygenated. It is believed that a reduction in the oxygen depleting bacteria lead to the oxygenation of the oceans which lead to the development of hard shelled organisms and an increase in invertebrates as well as other types of algae.2 Now the organisms from this period did not simply evolve from this time period and then today happened. There were many natural factors that occurred wiping out most of these organism. Then where did everything come from? Processes similar to those that happened during the Cambrian Period/Explosion occurred several times over and so did the processes that whipped them out, except that eventually animals can evolve and survive.
Biodiversity is an important. The word biodiversity is quite simple to understand, bio- life and diversity- variety. So, what? If one day you decide find out that all you can eat for the rest of your life is Cheetos. One day some freak accident occurs and the last Cheeto plant is destroyed and now you have nothing to eat. Sure, somehow you could evolve to eat something else, but evolution takes a lot of time (time you don’t have). If you ate things other than just Cheetos this would not impact you as much. This is an exaggeration and an…

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