Bino Box Analysis

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Human intelligence has been rapidly growing over the years, with that a wide variety of technology has become available to the general public and with the invention of computers, there have been a lot of human tasked jobs being replaced by new tech. In this report, it will be breaking down and describing automation in grocery stores as well as the design aspect of certain machines. The pros and cons will be discussed further, from having a human cashier to an unmanned station with customers checking out of stores on their own. 2.Context and Applications
According to J. Goodman in an article written 9 years ago “32 million Americans shop at a grocery store (per day)” (p1 2008) in emphasises how many people visit a grocery store
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The 24/7 outlets contain 400 essential grocery products and payment made for these products can be made via their smartphone, using the “Bingo Box, Ali Pay or Tel Pay app.” (2017)
4. Critical Analysis
Overall, we can see that all of these inventions have benefited the community in several ways, by improving queue time and making the experience of grocery shopping a much easier process. Stated by a Sheng Sion spokesman in Singapore customer waiting time has been reduced by “30 seconds and give us 40 per cent manpower savings.” (2017) Which is excellent results for both consumers and
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