Grocery Business Analysis

Human intelligence has been rapidly growing over the years, with that a wide variety of technology has become available to the general public and with the invention of computers, there have been a lot of human tasked jobs being replaced by new tech. In this report, it will be breaking down and describing automation in grocery stores as well as the design aspect of certain machines. The pros and cons will be discussed further, from having a human cashier to an unmanned station with customers checking out of stores on their own. 2.Context and Applications
According to J. Goodman in an article written 9 years ago “32 million Americans shop at a grocery store (per day)” (p1 2008) in emphasises how many people visit a grocery store
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No Checkout. No Seriously” (2016), that is the slogan for one of Amazon’s newest innovation in the works, they aim to create the most advanced way of shopping to date, by having a store where Amazon account holders are able to walk in their grocery store and pick and leave whatever they decide. The store is still only available to Amazon Employee beta testers in the United States of America so the design specifics have not been released, but many experts claim that RFID is one of the key bits of technology included in their design. 2.3 Panasonic’s Reji-Robo Figure 3: Screencap from Reji-Robo reveal
Short for register robots, Panasonic teamed up with the grocery chain, Lawson, in Japan and unveiled “a new checkout system” (Kurumi Fukushima, 2016). Similar to the checkout’s in Fair Price customers have a basket in which they scan their products and then proceed to place at the self-baggage machine where they then pay. 2.4 BingoBox Figure 4: Bingo Box
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