Billy Pilgrim: Sane or Insane? Essay

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SlaughterHouse-Five is a book about a man named Billy Pilgrim who is stuck in time, and constantly travels throughout different events in his life. Billy accepts different values and sees traumatic and morbid events differently than others. Billy accepts a way of life that is not perceivable to other humans. Many would argue that Billy’s experiences make him insane, but Billy’s experiences with the Tralfamadorians actually allows him to preserve his sanity, and stay a very intelligent man.

Many argue that Billy is completely insane. Their position may include the fact that Billy never mentioned the planet Tralfamadore before he got into the plane crash. This is a great point because an event such a plane crash could very well leave
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He may be different from other humans, but he is able to accept most of the Tralfamadorian information confidently and well.

Billy may live the Tralfamadorian ways, but he does feel some human emotions that the Tralfamadorians do not. Billy does embrace the Tralfamadorian ways strongly, but there is a single event in the war that makes him sad. When he is in a green wagon that is filled with loot being pulled by two horses. The condition of the horse makes Billy cry. The horses are dying slowly of thirst and their hooves are battered and cracked. This is the only time Billy cries throughout the entire book. He doesn’t see this event in through his “Tralfamadorian eyes.” He feels sad, wishing he could do something about it, but he cannot, because it was meant to be that way, it always has, and always will.

Billy, throughout time, has the mentality to try and educate the public about the ways of Tralfamadore. He writes to the newspapers to tell people that they are viewing the world all long, and how it is in four dimensions instead of three.

“If I hadn’t spent so much time studying Earthlings,” said the Tralfamadorian, “I wouldn’t have any idea what was meant by ‘free will.’ I’ve visited thirty-one inhabited planets in the universe, and I have studied reports on one hundred more. Only on Earth is there any talk of free will.”

He goes on the radio

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