Bill Lucass Analysis

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As I read Bill Lucas’s autobiography, I was amazed by the fact that Lucas could just not catch a break. Not only did Lucas’s eyesight have a significant impact on his life, but between frequently moving around, losing his mother, and being unable to find work and keep his music group together, Lucas’s life was far from easy. However, it is the obstacles that Lucas faced that makes him the perfect person to be a blues singer. It seems like singing the blues was a great way for Lucas to get his feelings and emotions heard. Lucas was clearly a great representation of what blues music was intended for. He was able to effectively express what he was feeling and share it with other people who may have undergone similar circumstances. In particular, what makes me admire Bill Lucas the most is his commitment to music despite his impaired eyesight. Many people believe that in order to be a musician you need to have certain capabilities, when in reality it is just not true. While having adequate eyesight and hearing may appear essential to being a good musician, people forget to realize that music can be made from anyone or anything. In fact, I feel like I …show more content…
I felt I could really see what blues music was all about and how much of it consists of storytelling and reflection. I noticed that once I had some context about Lucas, the first verse in particular made a lot more sense. For instance, now I understood that the reason he could not write his name or that “every letter in the alphabet…look[ed] the same” was because of his impaired eyesight. However, I now found myself confused in the fourth verse of the song where he says “…Santa Claus never left [him] one toy” since Lucas says in his autobiography how he received a piano from his father for Christmas and how special that was to

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