Essay about Bill Gates : A Free Enterprise System

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Bill Gates is the founder and creator of Microsoft, a computer company that creates and sells computer software and has revolutionized the computer industry over the last few decades. Because of the freedoms provided by the free enterprise system, Bill Gates was able to create one of the most successful and influential companies in the world. Three characteristics of free enterprise summarize its importance to the economy and its ability to allow businesses to become successful.

In a free enterprise system, business owners are free to make their own economic choices. For example, if an individual has a grand idea for a business, they can start that business own their own, without facing opposition from the government. In the same way, if an entrepreneur has an excellent plan for a product, they are free to create that product and sell it in their business, whenever and however they want. Bill Gates, in helping found Microsoft, took advantage of this freedom to make independent economic decisions by coming up with an idea for a product, starting a business, and developing his product in order to make his idea a reality. Without the opportunities offered by a free enterprise system, Bill Gates and other successful entrepreneurs could not have made the impact that they did on the business world, because they might not have had the opportunity to create and grow their businesses as they did.

Secondly, the concept of supply and demand determining the success or…

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