Bill Bryson's A Walk In The Woods

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A Walk in the Woods. In my opinion, a very appropriate title for Bill Bryson’s book. His trek through the Appalachian trail and its tributaries are perfectly be described as just that, a walk. The google definition gives you, “an unhurried rate of movement on foot,” you can see what is meant by this. As Bryson and Katz make their way through the woods, their movements can be described as anything but hurried, with Bryson waiting around every bend for Katz and normal hikers passing them on a weekly basis. The book is essentially the narration of a walk through the woods filled with enough side conversations with the hilarious Katz and comments on our country's nature preservation policies to make the book easy and fun to read.
Perhaps the most intriguing part about the book was the way in which the two protagonists were changed by the trail. Through the journey much was revealed about the type of people they were and who they became. Bill Bryson, who started off just wanting to reconnect with America by walking one of its greatest hiking trails, soon found out that he was in for much more than an easy camping adventure. And Stephen Katz, who simply wanted to go on another adventure before he was too old, found out that this one was much more than originally expected.
Just Bryson’s decision to hike a trail he knows virtually nothing about shows something
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One consists of Bryson and Katz’s actual journey and the stories that go along with it, and the other of information about the Appalachian trail and nature in general, though typically about the conservation of it. These two parts can be distinguished by tone as much as by actual theme. The literary tone, or attitude (the way in which emotions are portrayed) Bryson writes with in each of the parts lets you know what part he is divulging further into and helps bring to life the words on the page. It greatly adds to the story and keeps things

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