Bilingual Vs. Bilingual Education Essay

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Bilingual Education Improvement
The Acts have vastly improved bilingual education over the years. The current programs available to culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students are numerous and are found throughout the U.S. The fact that educating CLD students has historically been a hot button issue so much that it is part of the political arena. Bilingual education has become a controversial issue tied up with immigration policies, government funding, and political parties. Therefore, there have been great changes made overtime to how the program is administered, and what types of certifications the educators require. The State of Texas has issued a Texas Education Code that includes laws and codes passed by the state legislature. These include adaptations for special learning populations of English language learners. The state mandated these policies found in the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 89 was enacted to ensure that every student in the state of Texas who is identified as an English language learner will be provided a full opportunity to participate in a bilingual education or English as a second language (ESL) program. Policies and laws such as these were not available to protect culturally and linguistically diverse student populations in the past. Krashen states, “the “sink or swim” method was a failure for many immigrants and Native Americans; this caused low academic achievement and increased dropout rates.” The more recent policies are based on…

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