Bilingual Vs. Bilingual Education Essay

902 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Bilingual education in the United States today is becoming more prevalent as there are thousands of different types of bilingual programs being implemented in elementary schools. The people who are pro bilingual education say it is beneficial for children with the cognitive and psychological benefits it provides; however, there is also a group of people who are completely opposed to bilingual education and think that it’s detrimental because children might stay in the program longer than they are supposed to and lose their native tongue. There is also a group of people who state that bilingual education is great, but has some negative aspects to it. For example, some parents might want to enroll their child in a bilingual program, but the language offered might not be the one the parents want their child to learn. As someone who came from a diverse school district where parents either completely supported or opposed the bilingual programs, I wanted to see what other people across the nation thought of bilingual programs. Although bilingual education provides many cognitive and psychological benefits over monolingual children, there are some negative aspects about bilingual education that people fail to take into consideration. The majority of people are for bilingual education in elementary schools because of the cognitive and psychological benefits that come from bilingual education. In a recent article in a scholarly education journal, Patricia Gándara, a professor of…

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