Essay about Biggie Mart

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Executive Summary

Biggie-Mart has been around for a while, but only recently has there been a great interest in the use of improving the technology in the company. Wal-Mart, a leader in innovation in the retail industry has already adopted this comprehensive technology. The challenge I may face by retailers and suppliers is to develop an inventory notification system that incorporates RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology at its best.
I will fill this gap by providing a solution using Radio Frequency Identification tags to keep track of products on store shelves, in inventory, and products that are bought. The system will feature radio frequency identification tags and readers. Readers will be located in the storage
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One of the goals that everyone is working towards is to satisfy customer needs. Today, majority of customers want technology that is comfortable, friendly and saves them time. We all have been waiting for the day that we can go in a store, with no long lines, no disrespectful cashier then pick up what we want and walk out.
The idea is simple, RFID tags are placed on each store item, and the readers are placed on shelves and exits of the store. These readers read the tags and track items in your cart and when you exit your credit card is charged for the items in your cart. This gives Biggie-Mart storeowners a chance to keep track of the inventory and prevent theft in real time.
RFID technology was first used to track inventory but now the United States is using RFID technology even in military. US military is using RFID technology to track combat casualties by identification, status, and location when arriving for treatment. Medical data is stored in the RFID chip and hence travels with the wounded soldier. This chip allows doctors to add or modify records on the chip. I am going to use RFID technology to provide real time inventory solutions and design a software package that will interact between the readers and databases.
Design Requirements
My goal for this system is to be able to do real-time inventory using RFID technology. My specified goal in developing this project is to have a fully functional working prototype database

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