Big Spaceship: Ready to Go Big Essay

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Big Spaceship: Ready to Go Big

1. What is the defining features of the industry in which Big Spaceship competes, and who are it primary competitors?

The defining features of the digital marketing industry are:

Creativity- Having a constant creative team can help any company within the digital marketing industry grow and build a strong reputation.

Skill/Competency - Skill is the backbone of the company, a company can have all the creativity in the world but if they do not have a skill to execute these ideas then having that creativity is meaningless.

Relationships- Maintaining and building new client relationships are very important in this industry because these relationships can help make the process more streamline for
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If Big Spaceship expects honesty from the start of the first meeting from every client then they could be turning away major potential contracts.

3. How do the organizational design, the corporate culture, and the human resources practices of Big Spaceship support the firm’s value proposition? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s new team-based organizational structure?

The organizational design, the corporate culture, and the human resources of Big Spaceship support the value proposition by promoting openness within the company. The openness allows for good communication throughout the organization, streamlining the work flow process.

The organization is designed in a horizontal manner to stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration. This design tears down the barriers that exist in most corporate companies and allows Big Spaceship to have open communication between departments. The design also increases the time it takes for management to make decisions because they are more involved in the process and are better informed due to the open communication.

The open lines of communication also have an impact on the corporate culture of the company. The company prides its self that all the employees know each other on a first name basis and having a horizontal organizational design helps employees to interact with each other on professional and personal level.

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