Big Name Companies And The Tending Addiction Of Processed Food

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Big Name Companies and the Tending Addiction of Processed Food
“The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food”, an expert from The New York Times Magazine, by Michael Moss addresses many issues with big companies and their thought process. Although Moss neglects to show the things that companies do right or do because the consumer desires it. He doesn’t bring to light the different options that big companies put out that are healthier for the consumer. Moss does a good job of pointing out what he believes to be the short coming of big companies towards their consumers. Are big food companies meeting our needs or creating them for us? Should they have to set limits between meeting our genuine needs and making a profit for themselves? Moss’s point of view of the conscious effort to make food inexpensive and addictive is an accurate portrayal.
Michael Moss brings to view the way companies strive to draw the consumer’s to buy their product and then to keep them buying more. Moss spent time interviewing scientists, executives, and former CEO’s to get a clearer picture of how these companies do this. Moss explains that when a product is failing to sell, companies opt to make packaging and logos brighter or more appealing to consumers; instead of pulling the product off the shelves. Moss also touches the fact that additives, like sugar and preservatives, are put into junk food that will enhance a consumer’s craving enough that they will go and purchase it more. Moss states…

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