Big Brother In George Orwell's 1984

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Brother is watching,” this particular line refers to the overseer of Oceania. “Big
Brother” is the character that sees everything, although we don’t know exactly who he is, he controls every aspect of Oceania. Many speculate that O’Brien is “Big Brother” but because
Orwell himself never says this we cannot know for sure.” Big Brother” is the character that controls the minds of his people, he controls all of Oceania. If “Big Brother” is just one person, how does he manage to succeed in keeping all of Oceania under control? Can he really control the minds of all the people of Oceania?
The answer, quite simply, is no. “Big Brother” cannot succeed in controlling the minds of all the people. The Proles for instance, they are what we
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The Proles however differ in a much different way. They still have free­thought which is something all the people of the parties lack. However, Winston still has free­thought he just cannot go around announcing his thoughts because he is part of the party and would easily be punished for free­thought.
As long as there are some people with free­thought “Big Brother” does not have total control of the minds of the people. The reason why “Big Brother” is so afraid of free­thought is because free­thought is power. As long as you have that you cannot be fully controlled. You can be intimidated which is the exact method of “Big Brother”. His whole plan is to use intimidation, in the form of Room 101, to keep people acting orderly. Intimidation is just a scare tactic that helps to control people but, with intimidation it does not fully control the mind.
When Winston was being intimidated by the rats his body and soul gave in, but in his mind he still knew that what was going on. O’Brien successfully broke him down physically,
Hannah Goodloe Period 5 English 12 Soto­Gonzales November 13,2015 but mentally he is still able to bring back his free­thought. In conclusion from a technical standpoint “Big Brother” is not capable of controlling the mind of the people. He uses intimidation which causes the people to obey but he has absolutely no way to control their actual thoughts and

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