Big Brother And Adolf Hitler's The Inner Party Of 1984

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You are under arrest for thought crime! In the book 1984, the government plays a major role in controlling the people. They government is referred to as the “Party”, and is comprised of Big Brother, the Inner and Outer party and the methods they use that are not unlike methods used today, as well as the Thought Police. Big Brother is the fictional leader similar to a president but more like a dictator. He is comparable to Adolf Hitler in that his views ended up in the slaughter of millions and millions of people. Hitler killed the Jews because they were different from the Germans and he felt they were weak. In the dystopian society of 1984, Big Brother has thought criminals not only killed, but tortured into completely believing that …show more content…
These people are the closest to the nonexistent Big Brother and can be compared to the courts of America today. They make the laws and declare wars and are in charge of what goes on the television or telescreen. They are responsible for carrying out the orders of the Big Brother or the President of the United states. They make sure things are historically accurate and make decisions based off history. However, the Inner Party of 1984, is in charge of the people who change the events of history. By changing the events of history the Party can make sure that they are always right and never wrong. To say that the Party is wrong is to be guilty of thoughtcrime. In the book, O”Brien, a member of the inner party is in charge of room 101 and is in charge of the torturing and punishing of thought criminals. He subjects thought criminals to extreme and severe beatings as well as torture through the use of machinery. He can be compared to Dr. Mengele, the doctor who in World War II tortured and killed Jews just for scientific experiments. The government of the United States, however; the people are free to make their own choices and think …show more content…
The different forms of work done range from changing newspapers to fit the Party’s agenda to working on buildings and performing hard manual labor. The protagonist Winston Smith is part of this working class, and his job is in the Department of Truth. He works on changing and destroying ancient and recent historical documents for the benefit of Big Brother. It is almost enough to make one question as to whether or not the world leaders and governments control the news and history books of today. It makes people wonder if the governments own the businesses that provide the news and if they control everything on television just as the Party controlled the telescreens. One may even be drawn to ask if the government is spying on them at all times either through the use of telescreens, cameras, and scanners. There are cameras in almost every public place, scanners in businesses and airports, and iPhones that are with a person at all times of the day. Unlike the inner party, the members of the outer party are not able to turn their telescreens off for privacy, leaving them exposed to the government in all that they do. If they sneeze the government knows about it. If their heart rate picks up the telescreen senses it. There is nothing to keep governments of today from using the same methods as used in the book from spying on

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